074: My Current and Future Plans – Part 3 [Podcast]

An Update of where I'm at.

Earlier this year I did a two part series called, My Current and Future Plans. Today, we’re diving into Part 3. I want to walk you through some of the things I’ve been working on these past several months, and where I plan to go heading into next year.


Writing, recording and working on new projects are exciting. But nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing something come to fruition. I can’t wait to share with you what’s on my heart. There’s been change this past year on jbsisam.com, and there’s more to come.

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3 Reasons Why Scrivener will Improve your Writing.

The very best book writing app, I guarantee.

Like a construction worker, I need tools that will help me focus on writing. This toolbox is filled with ideas, electronics, pens, swipe files, books and more. But we all need quality software to help us write more effectively.

Screenshot from http://literatureandlatte.com

Name the software and I’ve tried it; Microsoft Word, Desk.pm, and even Evernote. While all great software, for what they’re created for, they’re not created for writing books. In-fact, I wrote my first novel using Microsoft Word. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Word, however it becomes increasingly difficult the longer your book becomes.

073: 3 Things you must do to become a better writer. [Podcast]

Writing habits that produce real results.

As a writer, it’s easy to say, sit down and write to someone who is aspiring to be a writer. But the truth is, if you want to be a writer, you have to sit down to write. Every writer wants to take their craft to the next level, and be more productive, and in today’s episode, I’ll show you how.


Today, I want to give you three things that will elevate your writing to the next level. These three things I do every week, and the results pay off. I’ve been published in newspapers, the Huffington Post and numerous blogs. If you’re wanting to be a writer, this is the episode for you.

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3 Powerful things Strong Character Produces.

Why I'm worried about this election.

After watching the debate last night, I realized this election is not about policies and politics, it’s about character. We are seeing the dumbing down of morality and the mental capabilities of people. How do you know if someone’s character is compromised?

Washington, D.C. at the White House.

When I think of someone in high esteem, I assume, naturally, that they are a person of strong character. When you think of someone, who you believe is stable and has a sense of right and wrong, you naturally assume they have a morally centered character.

072: 5 Powerful Traits That Make Leaders Great. [Podcast]

Learning to be leaders of character.

As the political winds are shifting toward who will become our next President of the United States, we have an idea of the kind of leader we want in the highest office. But as we take a look at the candidates of both sides of the aisle, there are those we love and those we don’t. There are good leaders, average leaders and bad leaders.


As a pastor, I deal with leadership issues on a weekly basis. Decisions have to be made, and people are looking to me to help them along in life. I’ve made some very good choices and have been praised, and I’ve made some choices that those in leadership have pulled me aside and have said… “Jason, let’s have a talk.”

In today’s episode I want to answer the question, what makes a great leader? I want to walk you through 5 principles that make great leaders.

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Get Published today using these 3 methods.

Publishing persistence makes perfect.

When people think about writing, they think of writing the next great American novel. Yet, the majority of writers will never write a book, but they will keep our newspapers, magazines, or periodicals filled with news, words of encouragement and information.


Everyone wants to write a book, but one thing we can and should do is to write for the sake of writing. There are many places we can get our work published. And in my opinion, it’s getting many small things published that make a successful writer.

071: Understanding your Life’s Potential. [Podcast]

Finding your Passion in 3 easy steps.

I’ve asked myself numerous times, “*why do I write?*” It’s not so much a question of not knowing the answer, it’s about keeping the vision of why I’m writing at the forefront of my heart. If we don’t know our why, we’ll never accomplish our heart’s desires.


In today’s episode, we’re going to look at why it’s so easy to let passion fall to the wayside. For most people, they have a hard time discovering what their passion is and what their why is. To truly take our message to the next level, we first must discover what our potential is.

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Destined for Purpose

Why you can fulfill your dreams and live a life of no regrets.

Everyone who has ever lived or died had a purpose to fulfill. Everyone has dreams of the future and regrets of the past. But it’s how we live our life that determines our purpose for tomorrow.

Child with vintage suitcase on summer vacation. Travel and adventure concept

When I look or walk through a grave yard I see one thing; countless untold stories, unwritten books, unsung songs, new ideas that have never been formed, or adventures never taken. It breaks my heart when someone doesn’t live to the full potential that God has placed within their lives.

5 Distraction-Crushing Ways to Get More Done in Less Time.

The Huffington Post
September 21, 2016
Click the above link to read the article.

Hello friends,

I’m so excited to be sharing with everyone, my first Huffington Post article. I had it published on Wednesday.


Our lives are filled with distractions. They keep us from remaining focused on everything we have to accomplish. Distractions come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and without the proper tools, they’ll take over our daily productivity.

In this article I tackle how we can become more productive by eliminating those pesky distractions. Give it a read, share with your friends. I believe this article will help you accomplish more as you write and as you lead.


Jason Sisam

070: Why You Should Consider Self-Publishing Your Next Book. [Podcast]

3 Self-Publishing Options Available Today!

When it comes to self-publishing, people tend to freeze or panic. They will either take the easy route, or give up on publishing their book altogether. And in today’s market publishing is easier, cheaper and faster than ever before, and more people are choosing self-publishing than traditional.


In today’s episode, I’ll be exploring self-publishing, why you should and how you should go about it. In the sea of self-publishing companies, who do you trust, and how much should you spend. We’ll also discuss my journey of self-publishing and the plans I have for the future.

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