067: Discover your Life Plan in 5 Easy Steps. [Podcast]

Staying on Mission in Life.

Have you always wanted to design your life the way you want it? There are so many things in life we can’t control, but one thing we can do, leave a lasting legacy.


In today’s episode, we’ll be looking at the journey I’ve been on for the past several months. I’ll explain what I’ve been doing to craft my life plan, and how your life can benefit from creating your own. This is the one thing you can do to take control of your life and live your dream.

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Why your Website is sinking like a ship.

4 reasons you should get a website facelift.

If you’re an author, speaker, business or blogger you’re website is your homebase. The reality, most websites sink without a ripple. Maybe you feel your website has run aground, and you ask, what can I do?

Sinking ship

When I began blogging on WordPress.com in 2009, I had no idea what I was doing. Over the years, I’ve learned, gotten better and have dramatically changed my direction of blogging in the last 12 months. I knew I needed a shift in focus and needed a website that would win.

066: Designing your Destiny. [Podcast]

4 Life-altering reasons to write your eulogy.

Death is the most certain thing in life. We all are conceived, born, live and die. But, it’s what we do in the middle that truly matters after we’re already gone.


In today’s episode I want to talk about writing down our eulogy. In a sense, if you were to die today, how would those alive and remaining remember you? This is a something I’ve done recently and it has greatly impacted my life, my relationships and my vision for life. Today, I’ll walk you through my process so you can begin designing your own destiny.

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Don’t Lose Your Focus!

Learning accept God's grace and forgiveness.

This is a sample from my new book, Grace: What’s So Amazing About It?

Sitting in the optometrist chair, I was asked several questions. Which one is better; this one, or that one; this one or that one? Please read off the smallest letters you can read.


I usually start with the giant letter, E. Though my vision is not considered bad, I do lose focus when the sun goes down. I have a harder time driving at night, than I do during the day. The reason, there is no light.

065: How to increase your focus by 195%. [Podcast]

Why focusing on the wrong thing can hinder your success. 

In last week’s episode I talked about how getting away going on vacation can recharge your batteries. It’s the one thing that we can do to make sure we come back to the Daily Grind feeling like we’re ready to conquer the world.


In today’s episode I want to talk about how focusing on the wrong things can drain our productivity levels. How we think, what we read, and what we watch can keep us from achieving success.

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How to Live your Dream and Finish Life Strong!

Crossing the finish line, no matter how hard it may be.

Goals, dreams and the future are things that we all want. They elude some, but those who keep their eyes on the prize will cross the finish line with success. But so many people are focusing on the wrong things that their dreams begin to die.

In the craze of Pokémon Go, people have their heads buried in their phones and tablets trying to catch the most rare Pokémon. I recently downloaded the game, and found it was not worth the hype it’s generated. But now all I see is people with their heads down, staring at the wrong thing. They are not walking toward a successful future or goal.

064: 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Unplug and Recharge while on Vacation. [Podcast]

Reduce Stress and Restore Sanity

Over the past several weeks I completed a 6-week Sabbatical. This time was set aside to recharge, refresh and re-engage with my passions. But to top off the experience with a cherry on top, my wife and I took a much needed family vacation.


The challenge of taking a vacation, is finding the time, but also unplugging from modern life. Computers, phones and tablets are challenging to get rid of, because we’re always needed to be plugged into the matrix. In today’s episode, I want to walk you through 7 things you can do to recharge your batteries and come back from vacation refreshed and stress free.

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What My Friend Bess Lorence Taught Me About Prayer.

3 Ways Prayer Connects us to God's Heart.

This post is in memoriam of my friend, Bess Lorence.
Gone, but never forgotten. A woman after God’s own heart.

When someone wants to connect with another person they talk. It’s that simple communication style that brings about the greatest benefit. Prayer is no different. We usually think of prayer as asking God for something than it is simple communication. My goal is to change that through this blog post.

Ed and Bess Lorence

My family and I were headed to Iowa for my cousin’s wedding and a family reunion when my phone rang with shocking news. My friend, Bess Lorence, had passed away suddenly. Just four months prior her husband, Ed Lorence, had died. Both were such blessings in my life.

063: Write the Story that Demands Attention. [Podcast]

Why you are writing the wrong book.

Writing the great American novel is a dream for most authors. But the reality, those come few and far between, and I guarantee most of us will never craft that perfect novel. In today’s episode, I want to talk about writing the story that demands to be told.


When I began to write my first novel, I had no idea how it would turn out. Today, while I’m currently writing my next novel, I have a much better idea of where I”m heading, and I’ll explain the changes I’ve made along the way.

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